BARSAC, Bed and breakfast in the Dordogne.

| A favorite, a passion |

Have you chosen this area by chance ?

M.V. I was twenty years old,just married and naturally I wanted to build my nest .I was born in Perigord in the south of the Dordogne.I have inherited from my parents this feeling towards the beauty of landscapes and genuine houses.When I was young,I was sad at the sight of decrepit old houses.Barsac a XVIIth century farm was for us!

What made you choose this house ?

M.V. It was love at first sight.I immediately saw the natural harmony of the building.I was moved by its old age and its decrepitude.But the potential was there to transform it into a family house,that was obvious.It was big,well exposed ,nicely situated halfway on a gentle slope and surrounded by sufficient land to create gardens,an orchard,a space for children to play and not far from the place we worked.The jauntiness of our young age made us forget the colossal amount of work needed to make it fit for living in it.We more or less camped on mud floor and bought our first tools:a shovel and a pickaxe.We were happy! Work went on for 30 years! We worked at weekends,during the holidays.In the ruins we discovered a very beautiful fireplace and its kitchen stove dating back 1680.

How was life in Barsac ?

M.V. Our two daughters were born here and lived here until their majority.We organised beautiful parties,birthday parties,school fetes,grandparent golden wedding celebrations.We welcomed artists,particularly one painter who stayed with us for two years and we shared the emotions and surprises of creation.Today my grand daughter Chiara loves to play on the loggia overlooking the big living room and observe "her world from above". Little by little we exchanged cuttings from rose trees with my neighbour and the small farm yard turned into a "jardin de cure" mixing vegetables and flowers quickly overgrown by weeds sometimes.By now the gardens have been enlarged.A small neglected summerhouse and its rocky garden have been integrated.Today our visitors go back home with seeds and cuttings. Barsac develops ties with the world!

What about the present ?

M.V. My daughters have gone away to lead their professional life,leaving their rooms for a new project.I retired from teaching a few years ago.I have become a member of Maisons Paysannes de France being an administrator to defend our inheritage and I welcome with an immense pleasure people who,like me,want to share this Art de Vivre en Perigord..

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